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The design feature is still very useful today. The split level, narrowed sole width reduces sole to turf contact for more solid shotmaking from fairway or rough conditions. Tom Wishon Golf Technology is a foremost leader in professional custom clubfitting design and technology. Hand select loft angle: Add or subtract 1° loft from standard loft angles. Here are the facts about the Wishon Golf 919 THI Driver – not marketing hype and fancy names and “technology” that changes every year – just the truth! Face Angle: 0° (Bendable +/- 4°) Matte white non-glare finish versions available in RH only in 9*, 11*, 13* lofts.​, A Superb Fitting Option for More Control on Tight Holes. 3. The feel is very good; much smoother than almost any iron with an ultra-thin, hi-COR face. Spin, 2014-2020 @ Engineered Golf - Copyright Protected, . RH Wishon Golf Sterling Single One Length Steel Shaft Iron Set 5-SW - 9.9 Out 10 Wishon 575 MMC Forged Irons, Single Pitching Wedge Golf Club Right Hand Rifle Sh. Length (Graphite): + .5" longer than steel shaft. RX Launch NEW The Titanium Golf Driver that launches it straighter and farther. Available in RH in 11* and 14* lofts, cosmetically designed to complement the appearance of the 919THI Drivers. Ball speed Dark Nickel Platinum finish will give you the Tour preferred distinctive, non-glare look. SE, Owatonna, MN 55060. Available in RH in 9.5* and 11* loft, as per when the 939AHT is soled in the address position. $11.99 shipping. Driver Designs: A thinner top line has been added as well as a gorgeous cosmetic appearance. Tom Wishon Design Technology has gone one step beyond any OEM and incorporated unique design characteristics to enable us to meet your individual needs. Tom currently heads his own company, Tom Wishon Golf Technology, which specializes in the design of original, ... Gary. Std. The 939AHT is the most technically accurate and most versatile adjustable hosel driver in the entire golf equipment industry. +/- 1° loft difference from standard loft angles. Finish: Black Paint on Crown, Face and sole high polished. Wishon Golf’s Most Popular Driver Design in a Wide Variety of Custom Fitting Options Telephone : 507-456-1973. Tom Wishon Golf 919thi Drivers user reviews : 4.5 out of 5 - 2 reviews - golfreview.com Unique Adjustable Hosel Driver Design Allows changing the lie from 56* to 60* and face angle from 2* open to 2.5* closed, when the 939AHT is traditionally soled in the address position. List of tom wishon golf golf clubs, user reviews, editorial reviews, tom wishon golf golf clubs deals, used tom wishon golf golf clubs and more - golfreview.com Wishon Golf’s Most Popular Driver Design in a Wide Variety of Custom Fitting Options. Do not forget to order a weight screw to go with each 939AHT. We do adjustments one at a time, the old school way, the right way, no compromises, no gimmicks, just pure performance. With a Variable Thickness Face and High MOI, the 919THI delivers the best off centre hit performance in the game. TOM WISHON 949 MC Drivers NEW!! The weight bore for the 939AHT driver heads is located at the base of the adjustable hosel sleeve. In 1995, Grand Golf’s GRAND TAG titanium driver also made its debut. GRT reduced roll radius ensures a more consistent launch angle and spin rate for all shots, whether high, center or lower face hit. And the metal woods, WOW – I have never had a set I could hit so well…. Straighter leading edge for better turf interaction. The face progression is between an iron and fairway wood to enable golfers to play it with the same ball position and swing motion as an iron of the same loft. Face Angle: 0° Square (Bendable +/- 4°)

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