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Working as a nurse isn’t easy. The national boards aren't lifting a finger to do anything about this. As others have said, I'd echo that one should be willing to move for their first job, and try to be flexible. There's tons of jobs, just like with RNs. There isn't a black and white answer to the OP's concerns. I had no trouble finding a FNP job. However, they're all now graduating from online for-profit schools with a 4.0 and their 500 clinical hours with a new grad NP or old family practice physician that's likely very out of date in their care. In 37 years as a nurse I have seen the concept of nurse practitioner drifted from a highly skilled nurse to that of a physician-lite who has a bit of a nursing background. These might, for example involve seeing patients in general practice with ‘simple’ ailments that should free up a doctor to see more complicated cases. I would appreciate any advice from those in the field. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Local oversupply will exist in pretty much every economic environment because most schools are consolidated in urban areas, especially on the coasts. I might be wrong (and hope I am), but if this trend continues I think there may be research showing poorer outcomes, and if that happens the NP field (and probably all APRNs as NPs are the largest group) is gonna have a real problem. That changes dramatically the more you get into the suburbs and especially rural areas where there aren't local schools and a lower number of nurses moving to. I looked in Florida first (really saturated and the pay is crap) and had zero luck. If you are a young nurse I say absolutely! California is behind most other states in empowering nurse practitioners. It doesn't make any sense. I am pretty sure this admin attended University of Phoenix. Originally you needed a bachelors and masters degree and lots of clinical experience before even getting into a NP program. Residency Training For Nurse Practitioners Is Becoming More Common : ... "My experience was that too often, too many junior NPs found it … I foresee it continuing as more people go into becoming an NP a bad career move?? Sigh. Yeah, it isn't medical school, but we also don't make what physicians make either. In addition, anytime I try to argue with people about the for profit online programs, they always pull out the "Well NP outcomes are as good as physicians, blah blah" card. 2018 National NP Sample Survey Results Released. All are welcome. I'm about to start my NP program (University of Alabama Birmingham), and I've been doing some research on NP supply. Hopefully that'll just result in action against for-profit schools, or at least employers being more discerning about where their new hires are graduating from. I started working at an urgent care last month. Nurse practitioners aren't like … Nurse practitioners in doctors’ offices or outpatient clinics are already losing jobs or being furloughed, said Christy Blanco, president of the Texas Nurse Practitioners … Right now, I am satisfied. I then applied for months all over the lower peninsula of Michigan (where I’m originally from). The NPs in those studies went to traditional schools, where they actually learned a lot and had huge oversight in clinicals under highly experienced, expert providers. I don't have any published data for what I'm about to say, but I think the midlevel roles are going to change significantly over the upcoming years. Nurse Beth, MSN (Columnist) Specializes in Med Surg, Tele, ICU, Ortho. National and Regional Projections of Supply and Demand for Primary Care Practitioners: 2013-2025 5 Primary Care Nurse Practitioners (NPs) The primary care NP supply is projected to outpace demand at the national level if NPs are utilized in the same way in the future. I thought the same way until I graduated NP school and started searching for a job. Time. Right, but it is near impossible for new grads to get that first job. It's extremely easy to be accepted to schools, and to matriculate. A nurse-practitioner may get approx. Obviously this is a regional issue, but would any other California nurses like to chime in? Flash forward, and I found the AACN annual report. If I didn't have kids and could travel nurse and see the world I'd do it in a minute. Just like with RNs. I did have a really hard time finding a job. RN experience is what is going to stand out from other NP grads. Nurse practitioners … As a result pay dropped and the number of open jobs also decreased causing many graduates to have a very difficult time finding a job when only a decade prior they would have had job offers when they started school. I always wanted to be an NP, but why would I take a pay cut, lose my union protection, and take on added responsibility for less money? I am pursuing my ACNP as the consensus model has shown this is the appropriate NP degree to earn in order to work in the inpatient setting. Nurses Nursing Article. Anecdotally, it seems like half my unit is in NP school right now. Then there is the issue of cliques not too many on my floor. The oncology nurse practitioner (NP) whom I trained for the past two years in my subspecialty decided to seek employment elsewhere in order to have a more flexible work schedule. I’ve been a nurse for 10+ years. Yes, FL and TN are the worst states for new grad NPs to find a job. Once I pass that exam, I will be a dual-certified FNP/ENP (emergency nurse practitioner). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. If I am offered a job, will the salary be that of a RN due to over saturation of the market?

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