how to record piano audio to computer

To do this, connect a line out from your headphone jack (that's what we use on our Yamaha DGX-205, so I assume yours is similar) on your keyboard and plug into the line-in on your computer, open Audacity, select line-in on your mixer toolbar, hit record and start playing. Now you can finally convert those old tapes and records to an MP3 format that you can use on your IPOD or MP3 player. Just getting into using more advanced audio software? You may have heard of Audacity, the well-known, open-source sound editor.Most people who create audio online use it and recommend it, but I’ve found it … In my control panel -> sounds and audio devices menu, I can select my Yahama keyboard for MIDI music playback, but not as a recording device. I have my mic running through that and into my computer but how would I get a piano keyboard hooked up, and what software would I use to be able to detect and record it? If your rig is small and you're only trying to record one synth to start, there's no easier way to connect it to your computer than via a small, two-channel audio interface. If you’re in a situation where you have a DAW and it’s computer-driven, you have to … Just a note about recording MIDI. So what an audio interface does, it takes your audio signal, turns it into digital data and then communicates it to your computer. You will need other microphone. With free recording programs like Audacity, this is no longer the case. (no affiliate links here, btw). Home Studio Recording 101. If your computer doesn’t have a line in, you’ll also need an audio interface or a digital audio recorder. You can open the music folder by clicking on Finder (the blue and white face icon in your dock) and then click the "Music" folder on the left side column. 1. Everything you need to know about your studio set-up. -I have Virtual Audio Cable - VB Audio installed-I tried to change the in- and output of FL to VAC in and out, in the audio settings-I armed insert 1, loaded up edison on track 1, armed edison. My frustration with line in recording and microphone recording on the computer is why I went to a voice recorder many moons ago. Make sure you have correctly connected up your audio interface, and have checked in the Audio/MIDI setup on your computer … Never done any MIDI recording… There is no reason to separately record the body of piano up to G5 on a separate track from the notes above G#5, and no reason to record the Key Off Sound separately. You can find many different types fitting any budget. The audio filename will start with "vlc-record-" and then end with the date and time the recording was made. Whether you just want to make scratch recordings with a simple audio cable, or see how to use a professional recording interface. The audio out from the keybord into something that records it. (Same answer for the audio feed back into the piano.) Well, as we’ve said, piano is somewhat difficult to record, but even more so, it can be difficult to find a great piano to record. I have a yamaha ypg 535 and I used to be able to just run a cord attaching the headphone jack in my keyboard to the one in my computer then I would go in audacity and select "microphone VIA high definition audio" as the mic and play the recording on my piano and audacity would record it. That's what a MIDI editing program like CakeWalk does. Open your recording program. Having a Yamaha keyboard gives you an opportunity to play music. More on recording audio using MODX, Cubase and your computer. To record, launch the Audacity program. Recording this device will be a breeze. The voice recorder does MP3 format, and I transfer the file. There are two ways to do it using your computer equipment. I’ve written a simple tutorial showing how to record audio using my favorite free audio editor, WavePad. Hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars had to be spent to make a competent record. Recording a MIDI Instrument with USB Audio and MIDI. When you hear sound from your keyboard through your computer speakers, you can begin recording. But when I switch to my default mic and headphones, recording does work normally. Want to record the sound of your digital keyboard or piano?

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