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Ok as you may or may not know, there are 4 main different end game options in Fallout. 30. New Vegas assumed … Unlike Caesar, however, you can actually trigger "Don't Tread on the Bear" and then switch allegiances until you trigger it again. Wild Card. Wild Card is an Ending Quest of the "Kill everyone Playthough" in Fallout: New California. I would hope for a "Wild Card" ending, but I don't think so. Posted by. With Mr. House out of the picture, part of the Securitron army was diverted to the Strip to keep order. Mr. House continued to run New Vegas his way, a despotic vision of pre-War glory. Caesar's Legion. Hello. Plus i never liked any of them except the Brotherhood anyway. Gain the favor of the Boomers at Nellis Air Force Base. Yeah yeah Legion sucks heard it all before. You must be logged in to vote. I figured that the Yes Man! 82. Most choices made during the game are not reflected and merely implied, however, such as the fate of Westside, while others are shown during gameplay or mentioned on Radio New Vegas/NCR emergency radio during the Battle, such as events on the Strip … This series of quests leads to one of many Fallout: New Vegas endings.Once the Courier discovers Yes Man, he will explain Benny's plan to kill Mr. House and take over New Vegas.The player character will then be able to choose either to continue with Benny's plans or take on this quest, killing Benny. what im bothered about is the conclusion with the followers of the apocalypse. Question. Which ending did you choose for Fallout: New Vegas. It doesn't matter if you got a like point before or after these triggers were completed, just that you have them. But ya, i dont think wild card is for those who pissed everyone off, i felt it was the best thing for vegas cuz the ending told me that new vegas became truly free and independent and thrived with all the raider gangs outta the picture (cuz i personally hunted them down and killed them ), … 15. Yes-man, Mr.house, NCR, and Caesars legion. This allows you to resolve your differences with the NCR without any combat. Now I feel slightly confused, especially from the Wild Card quests or more specifically - Wild Card: Side Bets. Chaos became uncertainty, then acceptance, with minimal loss of life. The White Glove Society solely controls the stately-looking casino on the New Vegas Strip, the one with the white façade and gigantic fountain in front of it called the Ultra-Luxe Casino. Archived [Fallout New Vegas] The Courier goes for the Wild Card ending. Landonio, Aug 9, 2012 #5. In fact, the game overall is very inconsistent on whether the ending means anarchy or a New Vegas ruled by the Courier, which indicates that what happens to New Vegas is entirely dependant on the Courier the player is role-playing as. [Fallout New Vegas] The Courier goes for the Wild Card ending. Well, xb360 kid asked if he's allowed to play New Vegas the other day because he's bored with his other games. For Fallout: New Vegas on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Question about the Wild Card/Yes Man story branch *spoilers*". It dint maked me hot or cold. This is my first playthrough and I think I have done things backwards compared to what the designers intended. Wild Card. ending would be the best one to go for in terms of how factions react towards you and for questing in later expansions. 305 votes. If they don't do the Wild Card ending, they'll probably do the House Always Wins. Travel to Cottonwood Cove and travel to The Fort. In fact, many people now consider it a Tough Act to Follow for Fallout 4. I scoured all of the wasteland and did all the DLC before I even set foot in New Vegas. Independent New Vegas: Wild Card: Change in Management: Kill or Disable Mr. House and tell Yes Man you're ready to meet him in the Lucky 38. Fallout: New Vegas. The Side Bets quest is one that will lead towards Fallout: New Vegas' endgame. New Vegas continued to be the sole place in the wasteland where fortunes were won and lost in the blink of an eye." Skip to 30:25 to go straight to the epilogue. Recover the Platinum chip from Benny by pickpocketing or killing him, either in The Tops or at The Fort. But maybe it is, which is why I'm asking. Quick walkthrough [edit | edit source]. Fallout: New Vegas. How long could Vegas last? Let's say that: The Courier had mostly positive relations with the NCR before betraying them. Skip to 16:30 to go straight to the dam. In contrast the 'purist' Brotherhood either end up as glorified Raiders, or (in my case, as I go out of my way to do this each time I play NV) buried under rubble. Jun 9, 2012. Be sure to be thorough in your … Wild Card: You and What Army is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Enter the penthouse … Fallout: New Vegas. Complete Wild Card. cyclonebill 9 years ago #1. so i just finished the game, negotiating for ncr and the legion to leave the mojave. The NCR The NCR is the most complicated faction, because they actually keep track of your actions with each of the other factions separately. Fallout: New Vegas at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies Max speech ending just before the ending sequence. Close. How long could Vegas last? The streets were orderly, efficient, cold. Included code so when the game day is advanced at the ending, it eradicates the chance of breaking any time related game functions. The same afternoon xb1 kid asks if he can play fallout 4. u/Biitercock. I finally said yes to both and honestly it's been a non stop two days of solid father-son bonding. Cleaned up a few wild edits that got through and done a general clean-up of records that this mod doesn't need to touch. New California Republic. ... NCR does have the longest quest line, does generally give the Mojave the "best" ending and will likely be canon in future installments, but I normally go with House. Good Wild Card ending only has temporary anarchy. This is part of the Wild Card ending … Let go, and begin again. Not really, there are many dialogue options between Oliver and the Courier that implies that the Courier is taking full dictatorial control. Wild Card: Change in Management is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas. Mr. House. Fallout: New Vegas endings are determined by the player's actions and choices throughout the game and depicted on a Imageshow at the end. 2 years ago. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthough 3 Quest stages 4 Notes 5 Bugs If the Courier is going to establish an Independent Vegas with the help of Yes Man, some people will need to be fired, namely CEO Robert House. AlbyDeutch First time out of the vault. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 3 Quest stages 4 Notes In order to gain support for an Independent Vegas and efforts at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, the Courier must make contact with the various tribes of the Mojave. (Thanks to the YUP team for fixing the vanilla code so I can use it.) Im trying to make a perfect character but the game has been out for only so long and the net is a little scarce on guides. This will end the quest Wild Card: Finishing Touches and pop the Trophy/Achievement Wild Card. I roll evil toons. OT: The wild card ending is appealing because it gives player a sense of something that feels so damn rare in modern RPG's: Power. Once you do one of these triggers, then the second step is to accumulate two "like points". New Vegas is now considered one of the best modern role-playing games of the last ten years for its open-ended choices, Grey-and-Gray Morality, and excellent writing. Fallout: New Vegas; wild card ending - major spoilers; User Info: cyclonebill. 1 Synopsis 2 Walkthrough 3 Quest stages 4 Notes 5 Bugs 6 Gallery It is exceedingly difficult to secure an Independent Vegas without a proper army; therefore Yes Man sends the Courier to Fortification Hill to activate the hundreds of Securitrons beneath it. Wild Card: Side Bets is a main quest in Fallout: New Vegas, given by Yes Man. This has nothing to do with the claim they have sex with their mothers which is the only thing I care about as it seems a needless jab that probably isn't even vaguely backed up anywhere. {Beat, slightly lower}Any chaos on the streets was ended, quickly. For me the Wild Card ending lets me put my character, who has the Charisma to dissuade armies from attacking and the intelligence of a super genius, into a position of power. I am gathering data for a future post and wanted to know what was the most chosen ending for Fallout: New Vegas. Once inside The … Personally yes, I didn't wanna run around New Vegas with it being owned by 1 of the major factions. You can learn a bit about how she and House feel about the other families in New Vegas, the other casinos, the NCR, and more. If you’re ready to go, give that little “Let’s do this!” option a click. A power-gamey New Vegas Medical Center run, for those gamers who want to get off to a great start. It’ll also start the ending quest No Gods, No Masters. It also happens to be a quest that's as easy and quick or as difficult and slow-going as you want it to be. ... As far for wild card, I never realy cared about that ending. Reviews also criticized the game for using the same engine as Fallout 3. Objective ... including faction quests and endings. vote. This should complete the quest Wild Card: Change in Management, leaving the objectives of the quest Wild Card: Side Bets largely the subject of this section. The NCR has a warning quest like Caesar's legion -- theirs is called "Don't Tread on the Bear!"

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