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There’s a reason Leo Valdez gives Jason Grace the nickname of Superman. This convinces Leo to capture and fix the metallic dragon whom he calls Festus who had gone wild and malfunctioned after his builder Charles Beckendorf died during the Second Titan War. Percy comments that he looks nothing like his sister, Thalia Grace, and they both thank each other for everything they did for both camps. Jason Grace was a son of Jupiter and the mortal Beryl Grace, a TV star of the 1980s, and the younger brother of Thalia Grace (Hunter of Artemis). Jason, on the other hand, harbored a great deal of respect for Leo, and was inwardly ecstatic when Leo offers to accompany him on the quest to save Hera. In The House of Hades, Jason is still creeped out by Nico, and fears going alone with him, and thought that he had a tendency to hide in the shadows. Hazel believes that Jason is the most powerful demigod she knows, however, the abilities of Nico and Percy seemed to have made her question her judgement, as she believes Nico and Percy's power rivaled (and possibly even surpassed) Jason's. Jason and Thalia are the only known siblings to be from different aspects of the same god. However, Jason trusted Reyna and hoped that she would still be on his side, and trusted that Reyna would do anything to slow the Romans down. Despite their time at the Wilderness School being fake, Leo still considers himself Jason's friend. Nico tries to comfort him, by pointing out that even if Jason had flown down to get them, the only possible outcome would be all three of them falling down into Tartarus as Tartarus probably could've sucked them in and by saying that Percy will make it through Tartarus because he was the strongest demigod Nico had ever met. Percy has a brief dream of Leo working on the Argo II with Piper and Jason behind him. At the end of The Lost Hero Jason transfers this respect to Zeus, he talks to the statue of Zeus in Zeus' Cabin on how hard Zeus must have it as the leader and has to set an example. There they meet Medea, a mortal who was supposed to have died more than 3000 years ago. Being the son of Jupiter, he is an extremely powerful demigod, who not only has authority over creatures of the sky but can also influence the forces of weather and can control the air around him. At the battle, Nico and Jason stick by each other and Jason catches Nico and protects him from falling at one point. Electric Blue Jason was very attracted to Piper when she was blessed by Aphrodite, and called her a knockout. After the events, Jason is a lot more concerned for Nico and even defends him when Leo calls him creepy, and never told anyone about Nico’s secret. The trio drives to Los Angeles to retrieve Jason and Piper. Jason calls on Jupiter to save him and his faith rewarded with an incredible lightning bolt, shattering the mountain killing the giant. He offers to stand at the most visible place on the ship to try and prevent the Romans from firing on the ship. The younger brother of Thalia Grace, Jason Grace is one of the main protagonists of the Heroes of Olympus series of novels. Reyna then mounts her Pegasus, Scipio, and heads for Europe, dismissing the protests of Octavian. Jason uses his powers to contain Gaea's attempts to return to the Earth, but is exhausted by the effort and has to be held by Festus. The trio walks about a mile to the nearest mile marker and realizes that Leo dropped them off further than they could walk. She is the daughter of Zeus and Beryl Grace, a beautiful actress in her prime.After Thalia's birth, Zeus left the Grace household (as is custom for gods) and Beryl became unstable, thinking that she was the best mortal because she caught the attention of the lord of the sky and leader of the gods. He wanted to wrap his arms around her but restrained himself, not wanting her to think he was shallow. Nevertheless, Nico still trusted Jason and obeyed his command, and Jason tried to talk and bond with Nico, letting Nico share his news about meeting priests of Hecate to the crew, and told Leo to stop making jokes while he was talking. After the Eidolons are gone, Jason states that the Romans won't follow them past the Mediterranean Sea, as it is the place of no return and by crossing into it, they would all be listed as traitors of Rome. However, upon her leaving, Octavians informs the other centurions that there was a change of plans and that they were going to attack Camp Half-Blood. Educators go through a rigorous application process, and every answer they submit is reviewed by our in-house editorial team. Later, when they went to save Nico di Angelo and they almost drowned, Piper mouthed that she loved him. For other uses of the name Jason, see Jason (disambiguation). With Piper riding with Jason, they head over to mile marker 32. Leo soon manages to fix the dragon, and he, Piper, and Jason head towards Chicago. Jason is grateful for Nico and his actions at the House of Hades. Jason also receives a prophecy saying that he must beware of the earth, possibly because Gaea, the Earth, is his enemy and that she bears arms to the Doors of Death. I wasn't going to let this plane explode on impact and destroy everything and everyone on it. The Argo II comes under attack by Kymopoleia and storm spirits associated with her and Jason is invited by Percy to join him in going to the bottom of the ocean where the storm is originating from. He was in a relationship with Piper McLean until she broke up with him because their relationship felt "forced" and was largely orchestrated by the marriage goddess, Hera. During this time Jason is defending the ship by throwing lightning and creating storms, which wears him out greatly. when she disintegrates him with her manubalista. Camp Jupiter Classified: A Probatio's Journal, When he comes back, he tells them he found something weird, which turns out to be a Nymphaeum. Hedge takes Piper's father home while the three continue on their journey. Afterward, Jason feels guilty because he believes if he had flown down, he could have saved them. He was a praetor at Camp Jupiter until he gave his rank to Frank Zhang during The House of Hades as a field promotion; he was the head counselor of Cabin One at Camp Half-Blood and the Pontifex Maximus at Camp Jupiter. Piper noticed how Jason had changed in the last few months and had realized he was getting more comfortable with himself. But before he can say more he leaves. Jason and Piper both went on the Quest for Hera, along with Leo Valdez. Jason also thanked Piper for keeping him from slipping away and confided that he was worried he would turn out like his mother. Gleeson Hedge, the satyr that rescued Jason. When they arrived in Rome, they had a picnic and Piper was excited when she found out it was his birthday. It isn't until Hera is freed at Porphyrion retreats (most likely because a god and a demigod combined could take him down and he because he was still in his weak form). When she said hi, she had a hint of strain in her voice. Percy was also proud of Jason when he found his own cure to his wound. This surprises Dylan. Jason is mentioned in the title of Chapter 48, with the title being, "Hearthstone Passes Out Even More than Jason Grace (Though I Have No Idea Who That Is)". When they approach it, a platform lowers with one of the twin giants on it, Ephialtes. He explains how the son of Jupiter saved him from Kymopoleia by offering her fame to Magnus and his friend, Alex Fierro. Jason was, therefore, a Roman demigod, while his sister is Greek. After the discussion, Jason asks Reyna if he could show Piper around New Rome. Jason Grace is honestly the most boring character in the PJ/HoO series. Jason even offered Nico his friendship and support and encouraged him to take a risk and come out. However, Jason is shot by multiple arrows on his arms and legs. The two liked to speak in private a lot, which made Leo Valdez jealous and like a third wheel. However, he was determined to get to the House of Hades to save her and Percy. Jason Grace died defending someone whom he thought could make a difference, whom would remember what it was like to be mortal and have to live in a world full of hardships and sacrifices, someone who would remember. Later, when there was a storm, Percy and Jason went to see what was causing the storm, and Jason appreciated that Percy wasn’t treating him like a glass vase. Jason Grace - Sacrificed himself to save his friends, arrow wounds to his … After Khione arrives and freezes all the Hunters, Jason watched as Leo fought her off. Jason comforted him when Nico was nervous about confronting Cupid, even though he thinks it’s just a crush on Annabeth. He felt extremely guilty, thinking he should’ve flew down and saved them instead of the Athena Parthenos. Piper explains that she saw a man with a silver goblet. When they visited Boreas' palace, Jason took Piper's hand for reassurance, and she touched his arm when he zoned out. In The Blood of Olympus, they both went to Ithaca with Annabeth, and he was proud for her when she defeated a flock of Harpies the day before. Apollo is devastated over his death, but knows that he will stay dead and he wouldn’t have cheated death, since he follows all the rules. Jason was born on July 1st, 1994, and is the son of Jupiter, the Roman aspect of Zeus, and the mortal actress Beryl Grace. Years before the outbreak of the second war with the Titans, Luke Castellan, and Thalia Grace were on the run. He was a former praetor from Camp Jupiter, but gave up his rank to Frank Zhang in The House of Hades. Before the Argo II is fully made, Jason and Piper, who are officially dating, help Leo get Buford back before the Argo II can explode most of the forest. Jason also listened to Frank when he ordered him to move legionnaires across the pit. They then confessed their love to each other. Apollo and Jason meet again in The Burning Maze, where Jason is happy to see him and he gets invited in to his dorm, and sees his plans to honor the minor gods. Later, when they were in Kansas, Percy, Piper, and Jason went to meet Bacchus, and they both wanted to summon their horses, and they had a little challenge to see which "friend" got there first. She was also confused when he defended Nico, and she and Leo quizzically glanced at each other, wondering since when he defended Nico. When Tempest brought Jason's body to the beach, she begged Apollo to fix him, and shook his dead body, yelling his name. However, the master of the winds is angry that they aren't there to promote them, but Mellie, an Aura (cloud nymph) blasts them to a cafe near Mount Diablo before he can kill them. Piper eventually realized that Jason wasn't lying when he said he didn't know who she was, and tried to take his hand again, but he let it go. The two ended up being co-praetors for a few months, until Jason went missing. Jason thought that Piper was cute and seriously beautiful, but he didn't know her. Piper refused to believe he was dead, and said Jason had gone through too much to die. Frank also listened to Jason when he ordered him to go get Coach Hedge, and when he did, Jason gave Frank an appreciative nod. After the quest was over, Piper threatened Drew that if she even talked to Jason, she would throw her over the Long Island sound, and that Jason was hers. A piece of the ceiling also falls on Otis, turning him to dust as well. Piper noted that his eyes seemed to hold some deep sadness, much like her father's. After this, a head counselor meeting was called, where he then revealed that he is from a Roman equivalent of Camp Half-Blood, and that is where Percy is most likely at (he remembered this because his memory had started healing). Part of him was still hopeful that Leo had somehow survived, despite all odds. Jupiter sired Jason, his second child with Ms. Grace. Despite Leo and Jason having been good friends, Leo felt jealous of Jason. He is seen wearing a Camp Half-Blood T-shirt with a purple toga over it while holding a sword. After the ship has passed the Pillars, the ship is continually attacked by monsters. When the five arrive at New Rome, Reyna greets them and they hold a discussion outside of the camp. As for Reyna, she silently moped about how she never got to see Jason in Dalmatia, and said she dreamed about going there with Jason to admire the palace, and take a romantic walk with him into the sunset. Jason Grace No One In Particular. Jason Grace is one of the main characters in the second series of Rick Riordan's popular franchise Camp Half-Blood Chronicles, titled the The Heroes of Olympus. Riordan Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. After Jason saved Percy from Kymopoleia and Polybotes, Percy thanked Jason, and confided in him that he deserved to choke after what he did to Akhlys. The five of them succeed in the quest to close the Doors of Death after Percy and Annabeth closed the side of them in Tartarus. He is also a highly skilled fighter and leader, and because of his courage and competence on the battlefield, Jason has been given the title of praetor in New Rome. The scar in Jason's mouth came from trying to eat a stapler when he was 2 years old. When the two arrive in Salona, Jason is grateful to have Nico there with him, and the two defended each other during Cupid’s attacks, and Jason was so shocked by what he saw from Nico’s past that he was unable to move or speak. Reyna was the last person Reyna talked to before he went missing. King Midas, the king who wished for the golden touch, then learned to bring back people from their golden state with running water. Before they could escape Jason is knocked out from a stone thrown at his head after trying to shield Piper. Jason even manages to stab him in the ear and blast him with lightning, but it only served to blacken the giants face and the giant then knocks him down. They learn that Jason found the Sybil and knows the location of the emperor, Caligula. Thalia is a Greek demigod, because when Zeus visited her mother the first time, he was in his Greek form. The orange and purple ones destroy my home. What we saw what jason grace saw he might come back. Together they head up the mountain to meet Aeolus. The two go to find the Scepter of Diocletian in Croatia. Jason is strong, heroic, handsome . The two held hands afterwords. They had also planned on letting Nico die in public, but because of his death trance, he has been asleep and has no entertainment value, leading to the giants tipping over the jar and releasing him. He is also the first of The Seven to die and not be brought back to life in the same book as was the case with Hazel and Leo. They reunited at Camp Jupiter and Reyna welcomed Jason back to Camp, and Jason introduced her to Annabeth, Leo, and Piper. They go to Zeus' cabin, where Jason shows her a secret passage that leads to the roof. Which Demigod are you most like? We’ve heard that, these days, Jason is happily back at school. Enceladus tries to kill him but he is saved by Piper and Leo who manage to build a machine to knock Enceladus into a pit. Percy then uses the water to keep the dust from reforming so that they won't have to deal with Otis again, but Otis' head is able to reform. Jason has a dream in which he learns that Annabeth has managed to send a message intended for Reyna to Rachel Elizabeth Dare at Camp Half-Blood from Tartarus (which meant that she and Percy were still alive); Rachel, accompanied by Grover Underwood, delivers the message to Reyna, who is with Octavian and the other centurions of New Rome atop a Manhattan skyscraper. He takes Piper up first. Jason Grace is one of the main characters in the second series of Rick Riordan's popular franchise Camp Half-Blood Chronicles, titled the The Heroes of Olympus. After Piper uses charm speak to put Gaea to sleep, Festus drops Jason and Piper before Leo scatters Gaea's essence with a mighty blast and they are rescued from their fall by giant eagles. Jason, Frank, and Hazel all work together to help lift the Athena Parthenos onto the ship just as the floor collapses. Jason Grace Reyna and Jason became very good friends and Reyna developed a huge crush on Jason, and thought of him as an All American boy, which Jason was oblivious to. Jason told Piper the truth later, and Piper said he would have done the same thing if she were him. She also had a hard time warming up to him, with his cold and calculating eyes and his careful reserve, like he was calculating every word before he said it. She also got jealous when he said he trusted her, but Jason said that he was beautiful and powerful and didn't want her to be Roman, he wanted her to be herself, but she couldn't get rid of her doubts. He holds his gaze just a moment too long, and Caligula, taking advantage of this, jabs him between the shoulder blades with a spear. Jason rebuffs her as she had abandoned him as a child, stating that he is the son of Greece and Rome and that she is a mania which makes her disintegrate. The next day, when they arrived in Charleston, Jason apologized in his own way, saying that when the Romans sided with the confederacy, demigods sometimes made bad choices and spoke without thinking, and are too suspicious. However, it is revealed later that she didn’t trust him due to whet happened with Minerva. 16 (at death) Apollo is later the first person Jason tells about his plan to sacrifice himself to Caligula. He chooses Piper, shortly after she was claimed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, and Leo, who was claimed by Hephaestus when they got to Camp Half-blood, to go with him on his quest. spoiler. Jason, Piper, Meg, and Apollo then go to get Caligula's shoes to navigate the maze, and Jason and Meg get captured. It is also revealed that Jason said good things about Reyna to Thalia, and said she was good. Hazel didn’t understand what motivated Jason and had doubts of what he was capable of, and was worried he might hesitate saving her too, just like Nico. Before Jason went to Ithaca, Percy pulled Jason aside and asked him to protect Annabeth, since it was the first time they were apart since Tartarus. When the Argo II starts firing, Annabeth spots Jason and Piper in the middle of a crowd of Romans who are throwing plates and stones at them. I disagree. After Meg tricks them into revealing the locations of the shoes and Caligula, the daughter of Demeter attacks. He is the only member of the Seven not to have met his godly parent in his. Jason and Piper were still friends, but were very awkward around each other. Annabeth then thought that Jason did something to Percy when she realized that he only had one shoe. Because Jason kind of remembered her, it can be assumed they had been friends. After he and Percy were possessed by the Eidolons and fought each other, Jason commented that he was worried that he could have killed Percy, instead of Percy possibly killing him. They agree to search the center ship. Thalia Grace who was the Greek sister of Jason Grace. Percy was very supportive when he found out that Jason resigned as praetor for Frank and had no arguments about it. In The House of Hades, the two were close as ever and Jason couldn't bear the fact of not returning to Camp Half-Blood with Piper and Leo. Reyna really liked Jason as a praetor and wanted a warrior like him to rule Camp with her. Reyna ended up finding it and reuniting with the crew. will help you with any book or any question. Several days after the deaths of Gaea and Leo, a parchment scroll with a holographic message, sent from the resurrected Leo, came fluttering into Camp Half-Blood on the wind. He has been on many adventures and is currently the Minor God of Lightning and Rome. After they arrive at Camp Half-Blood, Annabeth gives Jason and Piper a tour of the camp while Will Solace takes Leo to his cabin (since he was almost immediately claimed). Months later, They both went through the Labyrinth to figure Herophile's location, but Jason found out something he wouldn't tell her, which was revealed to be that one of them would die. SPOILERS BELOW. The two also helped save Hazel and Leo. Jason Grace dies in battle in The Burning Maze. He apologizes for his death, but Jason says he chose the fate to save his friends. Hopefully it's something that changes as more female led Superhero films come out. While Nico is gone, the two think about each other all the time. And after they defeated Chrysaor, Jason offered to drive the ship so Percy could get some sleep. However, by Leo Valdez and the quest for Buford, they were dating. The trio fights the Suitors and wins until Jason is literally backstabbed by Varus, who in turn is slain by Piper. Jason's birthday is on the first day of July. . Jason also described Reyna to her after. After she saved him and he had to go home, his memories of the incident erased, Piper sobbed into Jason's shirt and he hugged her, and he said she did amazing. He still managed to smack some wolves around with it though. 1 Fanon Wiki Ideas So Far 1.1 Battle Record 2 Death Battle Info 2.1 Appearance Icarus vs Jason Grace (Completed) Jay vs Jason Grace (Completed) Percy Jackson vs Jason Grace (Completed) Jason is a 16-year-old young man who is very handsome, and very attractive to the opposite sex. Before leaving, Bacchus informs them of the best place to reach Annabeth before she is killed and vanishes. The boys then persuade Piper to find these staircases. Jason flew Nico into the sky, which makes Nico angry about being touched. To breathe underwater, Jason captures one of the spirits, not knowing it's his old enemy Dylan. RR 2 He is killed by the Roman Emperor Caligula. ... Jason Grace is a teen male with blond hair and blue eyes. Jason and Percy became closer as the voyage went on, and worked together to fight the Romans at Charleston. This is going to take place after The Burning Maze, after Jason Grace's death. However, Piper was jealous of Reyna and felt guilty about being Jason's boyfriend after she met her for the first time, and was worried that Jason had feelings for her. While he is mobile, the wound constantly pains him for a long time. In advance of Jason’s return in The Burning Maze, let’s take a moment to review all the abilities he’ll have to summon to survive! However, Jason was very nice to Hazel and made her feel like she was a valued member of the team, telling her she will get a handle of the Mist and that Hecate chose her for a reason. During his time at Camp Jupiter, Jason was considered the most powerful demigod in the legion. The only time he doesn't feel jealous of Jason is when Thalia talks to Jason about his past and how Hera had taken him away from their mother. He then tells Apollo the Nero’s fasces was guarded by something he knows, a servant of Mithras. Jason also reveals to Apollo that the Sybil gave him a dreadful prophecy: if he went after Caligula, either Jason or Piper would die permanently. When Tristan McLean arrives, he thinks Jason died in a surfing accident.Jason died at the Burning Maze. Jason tried to convince Nico to stay at Camp again, but when Jason finds out Nico I’d staying at Camp Half-Blood, Jason hugs him, which Nico accepts, and talks about all the fun they will have. Jason was also glad that Piper was no longer jealous of Reyna, asking about her well being. Few details are known about the quests Jason went on during his days at Camp Jupiter, however, some of his accomplishments include leading a quest to find and slay the Trojan sea monster, which included him staying at Aeolus's palace for a few days, doing a favor for the god Bacchus involving a missing leopard in Sonoma, and going on a quest with Reyna to Charleston to retrieve a stash of Imperial Gold torpedoes from the C.S.S. He breaks free of the twister prison and disintegrates numerous pandai before fighting Caligula. At the battle to kill Gaia, Jason was happy to see Nico fighting with Camp Half-Blood, and the two talked and ran into battle together. A couple of months later, he died at the hands of the third emperor, Caligula, when fighting aboard his yachts. Borne from the same mother but their father, Zeus, was in his Greak form when he had Thalia and in his Roman form when he had Jason. Apollo, Meg McCaffrey, and Grover Underwood are searching for a way into the Labyrinth and learn from Gleeson Hedge that Piper and Jason had found a way into the Labyrinth. Their relationship was more stable after that, though Piper was still jealous of Reyna and when Jason talked about when he and Reyna went to Charleston, he nervously glanced at Piper. Jason is unconscious, while the rest of the seven, save for Piper, look for items for the wrecked ship. When Reyna and Jason reunited, Jason bragged to Reyna about how great Frank Zhang was. However, Piper admired Reyna for keeping her emotions in control and not being too upset about Jason. However, Bacchus refuses to help unless the two can 'entertain' him which causes Percy to be angry and relate to Luke's pain after he too was used by the gods. Jason instantly agrees and asks Kymopoleia for advice on stopping Gaea. I just wanted to add something. As for Piper, she loved Jason and thought his face was kind and gentle, but always a little sad. Jason Grace. He was born seven years after Zeus fathered Thalia in his Greek aspect. Annabeth even told Jason about Thalia and Luke, but their newfound friendship came to a halt when he said that Thalia was his sister, thinking that he was lying. The Pilot and the Co-Pilot were gone. When the Argo II arrived at Camp, Reyna's expression turned wistful and said she hoped Jason was there, and that she missed him. Includes Jason Grace, Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang, and Nico di Angelo. Apollo tries to talk him out of it, but Jason tells him that’s what he has to do, but Jason does convince him yo tell Piper about it. At one point, she helped her actor father research Greek Mythology (for a role her father was about to take on in a fil… Because his father had consecutively sired two children with his mother, Juno, the Roman form of Hera, was made Jason's guardian to placate the indignant goddess' anger, as Jupiter went so far as to name his newborn son after his wife's favorite hero, Jason, in the attempt to appease his wife for his infidelity.

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